Alexander Poma, the firm’s founder, earned his Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University. He’s been the primary architect on many apartment renovations in New York City and has partnered on the design of freestanding houses from 3,000 to 8,000 square feet. Prior to founding PomaSteven, Mr. Poma was a project architect at Ralph Lauren on international retail projects and completed an internship at the office of I.M. Pei.  Leslie Steven, Alexander’s partner and wife, received her associate degree in interior design from Harrington Institute. Prior to partnering with Alex, Leslie designed furniture and retail interiors for Donna Karan Collection and worked on Donna’s own residential interiors. Subsequently, she was a project designer at Ralph Lauren, creating home collection environments for international and domestic flagship stores.
 Library sofa
Concentric Squares
Architectural Digest / Espana
  Greenwich Village apartment  renovation under construction